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One of the cutest aspects of rabbits is known as their ears. When they have floppy, smooth ears that also hang over their face, it gives them a more adorable look. When it pertains to long-eared bunnies, there are many different types out there to pick from. There are the even more typical breeds and some rabbit’s we wager you have never heard of previously.

In the article below, we will certainly review nine lop-eared bunny breeds. We will supply you with some info on each type of long-eared rabbit, plus we will certainly also share the prettiest pictures we could find!

Top 9 Lop Eared Rabbit Breeds Are:

If you are not acquainted, the term “lop” refers to ears that drop over instead of stand erect on the bunny’s head. As we stated, there are various breeds of long-eared rabbit types, plus many different ranges of the ears themselves.

A lop ear does not always have to touch the flooring. The ears can be moderate length or brief. The only prerequisite is they flop over a lot of adorably. Let’s take a look at these breeds:

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1. Mini Lop-Eared

The miniature lop-eared rabbit is a small breed in the rabbit kingdom. They have short, soft hair, and they are incredibly sweet-natured. They make lovely pets and also call for little maintenance. With that being stated, they can create some health and wellness concerns that you should be aware of, so you can identify it if it comes up.

2. American Fuzzy Lop Eared

As the name states, this long-eared rabbit was bred in the United States. It has an extended layer of hair that is not quite as soft as its Angora relatives. Commonly, their hair looks stressed out, and well … blurry. This type has a lot of energy, plus they are very caring. They do need a good quantity of grooming, however.

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3. French Lop Eared

This following bunny is a huge one. This rabbit can expand to be gigantic and can weigh over 13 extra pounds. Because of their dimension, they can be rather challenging to handle as they can inadvertently scratch and kick. Beyond that, however, they have caring and loveable individualities with soft hair coats.

4. English Lop Eared

The English lopped-eared rabbit is one more extensive and accountable animal that can grow up to 11 extra pounds. As a result of their dimension, they require a lot of room to jump about. This bunny also has short, soft fur, as well as they, have a lovable character.

5. Lop Eared Lionhead

Like their name claims, this particular rabbit is known for its lion-like hair of hair around its head as well as shoulders. The Lionhead is generally smaller sized, as well as they can lose their “hair” as they grow into adulthood, but not always. They are also highly energetic little tykes.

6. Holland Lop Eared

Holland lop is a miniature breed that is compact in stature. They stand upright and have short fur in a variety of colors and also patterns. These rabbits have broad, deep shoulders, are very quick and agile, and are an even more prominent type of bunny.

7. German Lop Eared

This hard little bunny is durable with a stocky framework. They have short-to-tool fur that is soft and can be found in numerous colors and patterns. One noteworthy attribute of this little bunny is the crown-like fur between their ears. They can also grow to be six extra pounds.

8. Cashmere Lop Eared

This long-eared bunny was called for its super soft hair. They have the most extended hair of the lop-eared family, yet they are tiny and do not get bigger than 4 pounds when fully expanded. Due to their lengthy fur, they likewise require more grooming and have medium-length ears.

9. Deluxe Lop Eared

This is a synthetic type that is new to the world. The plush bunny has been reproduced to have the best qualities of various bunnies, including soft fur, long ears, and manageable nature. They have shiny, thick layers of medium size with big eyes. They are likewise thought about a job in development.


We hope you have enjoyed the various sorts of lop-eared rabbits. These cute, floppy-eared rabbits can be giant or tiny, tricolored or solid, as well as energized or lappet dogs. They all have their very own individualities and come from different backgrounds. The number one thing they all share is their lovable long-eared attributes that are also adorable for words.

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