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Cory Catfish (additionally referred to as Corydoras, Cory Cats, and Armored Catfish) is just one of the most preferred types in freshwater fish-keeping.

They are liked by aquarists of all ability degrees for their light character, mild nature, and distinct qualities.

This complete overview breaks down whatever you require to understand about maintaining, reproducing, and looking after Cory Catfish.

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About Cory Catfish

  • Taxonomic Name: Corydoras
  • Personality: Peaceful
  • Treatment Level: Easy
  • Beginning: South America
  • Typical Names: Cory Catfish, Corydoras, Cory Cats, Armored Catfish


Cory Catfish is one of the preferable fish in leisure activity when it comes to personality. Their tranquil, as well as serene disposition, is nearly particular.

On top of that, Corydoras quadrate nearly every type that claimed they are extremely non-aggressive and also typically will not “stick up for themselves,” so do not maintain them with hostile container friends.

Do not think that Corydoras’ courteous habits suggest that they’re dull. Cory Catfish are amusing as well as energetic to see whatsoever hrs of the day.

They are an exceptionally social fish and must be kept in teams of 5 or even more– believe me, viewing your Corydoras engage with each other differs from any other fish in the leisure activity.

Natural Habitat

Cory Catfish stem from little streams as well as lakes in South America.

Their all-natural environment is abundant with online plants and various other concealing areas, so attempt to recreate that as best as feasible.

An additional crucial note concerning the all-natural environment of Cory Catfish is they are far comfier with sand substratum than gravel/rocky substratum.

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Crushed rocks and various other harsh substrates are not suggested since they have the propensity to harm Corydoras’ fins and barbels.


A lot of referrals assert that Corydoras live between 5-7 years. While this may be real in the wild, Cory Catfish can live a lot longer in bondage.

In the best problems, Cory catfish are recognized to live in between 12-15 years. There are also some recorded instances of fish tank proprietors maintaining Corys for 20+ years!


Corydoras are relatively tiny for catfish criteria. Generally, Cory Catfish’s dimension varies from 1.5 to 2.5 inches (4-7 centimeters) depending on the varieties.

That claimed, reproducing women can get to 3+ inches in older age.

Cory Catfish Care

Right here are a couple of points you must recognize before trying to maintain Cory Catfish.

Tank Setup Requirements

Cory Catfish are usually relatively very easy to take care of. When it comes to the water problem, they do not call for a big container (a lot smaller sized than that, a lot of various other varieties of catfish) and also are pretty flexible.

Cory Catfish likewise manage excellent with various other types– this mix makes them remarkable for novice fish-keepers.

Container Size: Cory Catfish are relatively tiny fish. Technically, a solitary Cory needs to be significant in a 10-gallon storage tank.

Water Flow: Cory Catfish love water circulation and commonly discover “dance” in locations with high circulation. That claimed, attempt to have a couple of places in your container with low tide circulation so your Corys can relax (rock, slate as well as plants are a terrific method to do this).

Water Parameters

Wild captured Cory catfish have been understood to be somewhat picky when it concerns water problems for many years. However, detailed reproduction has actually “strengthened” storage tank reproduced Cory catfish right into sturdy as well as exceptionally durable varieties.

While I would not explain Corydoras as “challenging” to maintain, every initiative needs to be made to give a beautiful atmosphere.

Right here are some standard standards for water criteria when maintaining these fish.

  • pH: 6.0-8.0.
  • Temperature level: 70-80 ° F. Alkalinity: 3 ° -10 ° day.

When taking care of Cory catfish, security is far more vital than striking that ideal pH and temperature level.

Do not stress concerning it also a lot DO attempt to maintain it as steady as feasible if your criteria are a couple of levels off.

Cory catfish are additionally particularly conscious of ammonia, nitrite, and also nitrate. The initial 2 are one of the most crucial ammonia, and nitrite can eliminate in a snap.

This needs to do without claiming, yet make sure your container is appropriately cycled before presenting any fish to your container, not to mention Corydoras.

Nitrate is a little bit extra sly. It accumulates in the water in time, also in flawlessly healthy and balanced fish tanks. Stay up to date with bi-weekly water adjustments to aid bring nitrate degrees to secure degrees.

The API Freshwater Master Test Kit is the very best set on the marketplace for checking your fish tank water.

Cory Catfish Diet

Regular of any bottom fish, Corydoras are excellent scavengers. In neighborhood storage tanks, they usually discover most of their food combing the container base.

That stated, Cory catfish proprietors must never presume that their fish obtain sufficient food just from remaining scraps.

Given that Corydoras are omnivorous, they must be fed a well-balanced diet plan of meat-based and plant-based foods.

Directly, I have discovered Hikari Algae Wafers to be a Cory fave (most flake foods are additionally enough). For the occasional meaningful treat, Omega One Bloodworms are a terrific option.

Because Corydoras are slight conscious modifications in ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate, ensure you do not overfeed. Just feed your fish as long as they can consume in a couple of mins and get rid of anything they do not appear to such as.

Schooling Tendencies of Corydoras

We discussed this a little previously. However, you must maintain Cory catfish in colleges of 4 or even more fish (5+ is better).

Corys are extremely social fish and can typically be discovered “playing” and swimming in sync with others of their types. Their education shenanigans are not just fascinating and remarkable to enjoy but aid makes your catfish better and much healthier.

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Cory Catfish Types Common Species

There are over 170 various varieties of Corydoras Catfish, several of which have not also been called. When selecting a type for your storage tank, there are lots of multiple choices.

Right here are a few of our preferred Corydora varieties.

Panda Cory

Panda Corys are just one of the most preferred varieties of Cory catfish, so they’re conveniently offered at most neighborhood fish shops.

A cream-white body defines them with dark black areas on their head as well as their tail. Panda Corydoras expand to regarding two ″, though breeding-age women might obtain a bit bigger.

  • Taxonomic Name: Corydoras panda.
  • Dimension: 2 ″.
  • pH: 6.0-7.0.
  • Temperature level: 70-78 ° F.

Albino Cory

Albino Cory Catfish aren’t practicing their very own types. They are a selective-bred variant of the Bronze Cory. That stated, Albino Corys are exceptional in more fantastic than a couple of means.

Their golden-white bodies and light pink eyes develop fantastic comparison versus plants and dark substratum, making them a superior choice amongst cory-lovers. Furthermore, Albino Corys are understood for their “spazzy” individualities, which numerous fish tank proprietors locate charming.

  • Taxonomic Name: Corydoras aeneus.
  • Dimension: 2.5 ″.
  • pH: 6.0-7.0.
  • Temperature level: 72-80 ° F.

Peppered Cory

As one of the most prominent types of Corydoras, Peppered Corys can be discovered at most fish shops and online fish sellers.

Their pigmentation is usually tan with dark environment-friendly and black patterns (and usually an eco-friendly “radiate”). That stated, no 2 Peppered Corys coincide– an attribute that many fish tank proprietors like.

  • Taxonomic Name: Corydoras paleatus.
  • Dimension: 2.5-3 ″.
  • pH: 6.0-7.0.
  • Temperature level: 72-80 ° F.

Bronze Cory

Bronze Corys (a shade variant of Green Corys) are recognized for being energetic, meaningful, and simple to maintain when contrasted to various other Corydoras types.

They typically expand to 2.5 inches (6.35 centimeters), though reproducing ladies can extend to over 3 inches.

The pigmentation of Bronze Corys might not be as eye-catching as the various other types on our checklist. They are a fantastic selection for aquarists looking to find out regarding reproducing and maintaining Cory Catfish.

  • Taxonomic Name: Corydoras aeneus.
  • Dimension: 2.5 ″.
  • pH: 6.0-7.0.
  • Temperature level: 72-80 ° F.

Julii Cory

Among the rarer varieties of Corydoras on our listing, Julii Corys are appreciated for their one-of-a-kind candy-striped patterns.

Given that real Julii Corys are ordinarily tough to discover, False Julii Corys (Corydoras trilineatus) is a fantastic, extra widespread alternative for those that genuinely like the candy-striped pattern.

Like many other Cory varieties, Corydoras julii and Corydoras trilineatus are very easy to look after and flourish in a variety of water problems.

  • Taxonomic Name: Corydoras julii.
  • Dimension: 2.5 ″.
  • pH: 6.5-8.0.
  • Temperature level: 72-80 ° F.
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Sterbai Cory

Among one of the most aesthetically enticing types of Corydoras, Sterbai Corys are favored amongst freshwater fish-keepers.

They are recognized for their energized, amusing individualities and are forgiving of various water problems. Like many Corys, Sterbai expands to concerning 2.5 inches.

  • Taxonomic Name: Corydoras sterbai.
  • Dimension: 2.5 ″.
  • pH: 6.0-7.5.
  • Temperature level: 73-82 ° F.

Pygmy Cory

Pygmy Corys are certainly one of the most remarkable varieties of Cory catfish on our listing. Peaking at around one ″, this type can stay in a smaller-sized fish tank than various other kinds of Corys.

Unlike various other Cory types, Pygmy Corys do not invest all their time on the container base– actually, they choose to swim concerning mid-tank.

  • Taxonomic Name: Corydoras pygmaeus.
  • Dimension: 1 ″.
  • pH: 6.4-7.4.
  • Temperature level: 72-80 ° F.

Cory Catfish Tank Mates

Corydoras species-only containers can be unbelievable. The majority of fish tank proprietors like a bit of selection. Fortunately, Cory catfish work with (basically) anything that will not attempt to consume them.

Right here are a couple of wonderful Corydoras container companions for those aiming to create an area container.

Suitable Tankmates for Cory Catfish

  • Mollies.
  • Fancy Guppies.
  • Platies.
  • Swordtails.
  • Neon Tetras.
  • Angelfish.
  • Danios.
  • Gouramis.

Tankmates to Avoid

Below are a couple of types you most definitely must not maintain with Cory catfish.

Cichlids: Cichlids as a whole often tend to be as well hostile to Cories. Wide varieties such as Oscars will certainly outright consume them.

Barbs: While Barbs aren’t extremely hostile, they are incredibly nippy. Barbs commonly capitalize on Corydoras’ serene nature, creating anxiety and hefty competitors for food.

Setting up a Cory Catfish Tank

This is the area for you if you’re looking to establish up a Corydoras species-only storage tank. We will undoubtedly experience whatever you require to establish a lovely, all-natural Cory container properly.


Container: While plenty of sources will undoubtedly inform you that Cory catfish are excellent in 10-gallon containers, I genuinely differ. If you desire to maintain a healthy and balanced shoal of Corys, I very much suggest going with a 20 or 30-gallon arrangement.

Purification: If you wish to go above and beyond, cylinder filters are an excellent means to step up your filtering; otherwise, no concerns. Ahold on the back filter needs to be simply outstanding. I suggest the AquaClear Power Filter.

Heating unit: A heating unit is an essential part of maintaining your container stable. I’ve utilized the Cobalt Aquatics Neotherm for many years with fantastic outcomes.

Lights: If you are posting likely to maintain real-time plants (which Cory love), you are most likely to require an LED light. The CREW Classic is an excellent inexpensive alternative.


Among one essential item in any Cory catfish container is the substratum. Unlike much freshwater fish, Corys DO NOT do well with crushed rock. The rugged sides can harm their fins as well as their tummy.

Sand is, without a doubt, the most effective alternative when it concerns maintaining Cory Cats. I suggest CaribSea Super Naturals Sand (in the Sunset Gold shade).

It is soft enough not to harm your Cory’s barbels and isn’t flawlessly white, which assists the container in showing up much less unclean (white sand makes particles and algae far more noticeable).

While sand is most definitely your most acceptable alternative, it postures an issue with real-time plants. Sand has a reduced CEC (implying it does not soak up nutrients well); consequently, origin tabs are required to provide your plants with the ideal nutrients.

Put them at the base of your plants beneath the substratum– within a couple of months, your sand needs to be fully grown sufficient that the origin tabs will certainly no more be required.

Adding Live Plants

Cory Cats are not particular regarding plants; actually, almost any type of varieties need to function. Here are a few lovely novice fish tank plants that do not call for a lot of light or immaculate water problems.

  • Anubias Nana.
  • Java Fern.
  • Crypts.
  • Pennywort.
  • Hornwort.
  • Java Moss.

As we described above, origin tabs will undoubtedly be essential for the very first couple of months if you’re utilizing any sort of sand (specifically for rooted plants). As soon as the storage tank grows, sufficient nutrients are taken a right into the substratum that the origin tabs will not be required.

Along with plants, Cory Cats love hiding in driftwood and also slate racks. Do not hesitate to obtain imagination with your aquascaping and format– this is the moment for your creative thinking to radiate!


I genuinely suggest selecting an LED component for numerous factors. They last much longer, they postpone a lot less warmth and also generate much healthier plants. As recommended over, the NICREW Classic is an excellent option for those on a budget plan.

Illumination is essential for plants. Cory Catfish tend to take pleasure in reduced light atmospheres. That stated, Corys are versatile and also will undoubtedly adapt to practically any type of light you toss at them.

In a while, attempt to ensure there are comparable frameworks or a couple of caverns existing so that your Corys can run away from the light.


This ought to do without stating, yet see to it your container is entirely cycled before you present any fish. Checked out via our total overview to the fishless cycle if you require any type of assistance with this procedure.

Among the most compelling aspects of Cory Cat storage tanks (as well as grown containers as a whole) is that it’s flawlessly great to include plants before biking your fish tank. There is a whole lot of proof that plants can, in fact, aid speed up the nitrogen cycle.

Make use of these couple of weeks to search for appropriate plants, review aquascaping, as well as obtain your container explicitly established just how you desire it.

Based upon individual experience, providing your container the appropriate time to cycle not just brings about a much better laid out/more appealing storage tank, however likewise a much healthier one.

Breeding Cory Catfish

Eventually, most Corydoras proprietors wish to reproduce their fish– fortunately, producing Cory Catfish is quite simple.

In this area, we undergo whatever you learn about establishing a reproduction container, urging generating, as well as elevating Cory fry.

Cory Breeding Setup

A substantial part of effectively reproducing Corys has the ideal arrangement– nevertheless, fish do not generate unless they feel safe and also comfy. Below are a couple of manner ins which you can come close to assembling a reproduction container.

Approach # 1 Dedicated Breeding Aquarium: Most reproducing overviews will undoubtedly inform you that you require establishing a committed reproduction fish tank different from the “major” Cory storage tank. This technique entails eliminating the Cory reproducing team from the prominent fish tank, adjusting them to the brand-new storage tank, and motivating them to reproduce.

Technique # 2 Dedicated Fry Aquarium: With this approach, Cory proprietors cause spawning in the “major” fish tank instead of moving their fish to a reproducing arrangement. The eggs are transferred to a fry container, where they are hatched out and elevated as soon as generating occurs. This configuration is more straightforward as well as much less demanding for your grown-up Corys that stated. Fry survival price tends to be a little less than with method # 1.

Which approach is much better? Naturally, it depends.

The specialized reproduction container path is terrific for those that maintain their Corys in area fish tanks. While they will certainly still generate with various other varieties existing, container friends (and the Corys themselves) will undoubtedly make a fast treat of the eggs.

Furthermore, having a specialized reproduction fish tank indicates that you will not need to relocate the eggs/fry, which assists boost fry survival prices.

That claimed, relocating your reproduction swarm backward and forward from the primary fish tank to the reproduction container can be extremely difficult for your Cories.

I directly favor choosing technique # 2– I discover it to be much easier and more secure for my fish. I might take a couple of shots to obtain the fry container ideal. Once your Cories begin reproducing, you absolutely will not have any scarcity of eggs.

Setting up a Fry Tank

Preferably, the fry container must be established early. While doing so, you intend to provide the fish tank adequate time to maintain before including any fragile fry.

It might be appealing to include plants, decors, and substratum in the fry storage tank. However, that’s the precise reverse of what you ought to do.

The frying container must be as primary as feasible bare is my choice. An empty fish tank is straightforward to tidy, making it a lot easier to maintain water specifications steady (vital to preserving fry to live).

A 10-gallon fish tank must be a great beginning. Usage water and filter media from the significant container scrub the filter media on the container wall surfaces and anything else in the fish tank.

You can entirely avoid the biking procedure in the brand-new fry storage tank by moving good valuable germs.

Besides the bare fish tank, sponge filter, and heating system, very little else is required for the fry container. Like we went over above, attempt to maintain it as basic as feasible. Make sure that there are no traces of ammonia/nitrite and try to preserve nitrates under 10ppm.

Determining the Gender of Corydoras

If you desire your Cories to reproduce (duh), you’re going to require a mix of women and men. Preferably, you want around two men for every single woman in the fish tank.

There is no cut and a completely dry technique to figure out the sex of Cory Catfish with 100% precision. That claimed, there are a couple of points you can search for.

Male Cories often tend to be slim and also “structured.” On the other hand, women are thicker around the waistline and often tend to rest more incredibly off all-time low.

Cory Catfish typically can not be accurately sexed-up until they mature, so do not worry if you can not obtain an excellent concept of sexes at the fish shop.

As opposed to burning out concerning identifying sexes right after that and there, selecting an arbitrary team of 6-8 Cories functions nearly whenever.

Right here are the possibilities of accessing the very least one male/female set based upon the variety of fish you purchase.

  • 6 Cories: 98.43% of at the very least one set.
  • 7 Cories: 99.21% of a minimum of one set.
  • 8 Cories: 99.60% of a minimum of one set.

Conditioning Your Catfish

Well-fed Cories more than happy Cories– for that reason, a high healthy protein, nutritional diet regimen is necessary for the spawning procedure. Feed your fish a blend of live/frozen foods such as saltwater shrimp and bloodworms in addition to high-grade pellets or flakes.

I like to feed small quantities frequently throughout the day (perhaps 4-5 times). Regular feedings aid signals that there’s no lack of food, which aids in generating reproduction.

That claimed, ensure not to overdo it– maintaining your water criteria inline must constantly be the # 1 top priority.

After a week or 2 of conditioning, you will certainly observe your women Cories obtaining plump with eggs. This is a terrific indicator and indicates the ideal time to carry on to the following action.

Inducing Your Cory Catfish to Spawn

Since your Cories are plump as well as well-fed packed with eggs, it’s time for the generate! Some Cories will undoubtedly develop with no tempting … various others will not.

For those that fall under the last group, below is a technique that typically functions consistently.

Do a significant water modification (25% -50%) with slightly cooler water than your container water (2-3 ° F colder). The decrease in temperature level mimics summertime rains, which is when Cories reproduce in the wild.

Vacant out a little bit of much more water and repeat the procedure once more if your Cories do not generate within a couple of hrs. Never allow the water temperature level obtain listed below 65 ° F.

Your Cories will certainly probably generate the very same day. However, in some cases, it takes a couple of days– do not stress if it does not take place as soon as possible.

Ladies typically lay their prompt on the container wall surface, yet at some point make use of plants, designs, or filters rather (I have also seen them lay prompt a Mystery Snail).

Caring for Cory Catfish Eggs

You located eggs smudged all over the container wall surface … what do you do currently?

The primary step is obtaining the eggs out of the primary container. The reproducing swarm of Cories is starving after generating and also will typically consume their very own eggs.

Utilize your finger, a charge card, or a razor to delicately scuff the eggs off of the container wall surface right into a bit of container or web. Be mild with this action.

Next off, move the eggs to the fry storage tank without revealing them to air. Do not simply toss them in the all-time low of the container; however, place them in a dog breeder web with an air rock for water circulation.

Egg stemless glass is a terrific budget-friendly choice if you desire something a lot more primary than a dog breeder web. They were developed primarily to breed fish eggs and do an incredible job at discouraging fungi. I very recommend the Cobalt Aquatics Egg Rocker.

Fry Care

Cory eggs usually hatch out in 3-6 days. Feeding your fry is unneeded for an initial couple of days because they soak up nutrients from the egg sack connected to their body.

As soon as the egg sacks are soaked up, and the fry is free swimming, begin on New Life Spectrum Fry Food. I’ve located this to be one of the most effortless and efficient ways to use food (a lot easier than elevating your infant saltwater shrimp). Liquify a tiny pinch in a little bit of water and make use of a syringe/baster to spray it near the fry as feasible.

Once they start consuming, your fry must begin expanding quickly. It’s alluring to feed them a million times a day, yet make sure you do not feel unclean up the storage tank fry requirement excellent water problems to make it through.

Switch over the fry to dry out saltwater shrimp or squashed-up flakes once they are substantial. Attempt to include some selection in their diet regimen early so they’re not particularly in the future (which should not be strict with Cory Cats).

At 3/4 ″ to 1 ″, you ought to have the ability to move your fry to the significant container, trade them for various other types, or perhaps offer them to your neighborhood fish shop!

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