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Numerous places sell Leopard Geckos. However, the top quality of those geckos can vary commonly. Getting your gecko from a reputable breeder can ensure you get a healthy and balanced, lively lizard that’s most likely to live for a long time. However, if you get your gecko from the wrong resource, you could be setting yourself up for failure as well as a broken heart.

For these factors, discovering the appropriate dog breeder to purchase from is crucial, which is why we’ve created this listing of the leading seven Leopard Gecko breeders in 2021. We rely on these breeders that display the essential traits you must be looking for in a neutral breeder. After we get through these many breeder reviews, we’ll also be going over those characteristics in detail so you can make a much more enlightened choice regarding what dog breeder to purchase from.

The 7 Best Leopard Gecko Breeders– Reviews & Top Picks 2021.

1.– Best Overall

CB Reptile is also our pick for the best total Leopard Gecko breeder, focusing on unusual leopard gecko morphs. They also have a biologist on-site to answer any questions you’ve got about their geckos and also genes. Geckos are also shipped overnight to ensure they reach you healthy, supported by a seven-day health and wellness assurance. Delivery is a level price of $39.95 in the United States, which hides five reptiles. And also, because the caring professionals at CB Reptile handle the geckos daily, yours must show up accommodating as well as ready for handling.

You’ll find a wide variety of Leopard Geckos on the CB Reptile site. You can easily buy them right with the internet site. Their basic buying system allows you to pick what sex you prefer and add fundamentals like feeder insects, hot pads, dishes, and more. Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell what reptiles are in stock as you have to put all your alternatives in to find out whether a particular gecko is offered.

Specialized in leopard gecko morphs
Several color morphs to pick from
Overnight delivery
7-day health assurance
Biologist on website
Geckos for sale are handled daily
Difficult to tell what’s out of supply

2. BHB Reptiles– Best Value

BHB Reptiles makes it very easy and economical to include a new Leopard Gecko in your life. They have a massive option on a site that is just one of the most convenient to browse of all the dog breeders we’ve detailed right here. Best of all, they have numerous morphs that are valued even more cost-effectively than rivals, which is why we think they’re the most effective Leopard Gecko dog breeder for the cash.

On the BHB Reptiles website, you can purchase Leopard Geckos based upon when they were born. Many morphs are readily available in various ages and dimensions, given that new geckos are being added at all times. You can pick from babies, juveniles, or grownups in morphs such as Super Hypo, Tangerine, Sunglow, Raptor, Mack Snow, Baldy, as well as a lot more. This dog breeder isn’t focused explicitly on Leopard Geckos. They additionally provide several other species. However, their option of Leopard Geckos goes over sufficient to warrant their place on this checklist.

Sells infants to grownups
Multiple morphs to select from
Inexpensive pricing
Purchase geckos by birthdate
Not focused on leopard geckos

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3. Geckos Etc.– Premium Choice

Geckos Etc. is concentrated primarily on the costs side of the Leopard Gecko world. They currently offer greater than 250 Leopard Geckos, with costs that begin at $100 and climb to $2500. A couple of samplings are on the lower side of the price spectrum, though. Most of their offerings are much more expensive, with a lot of them costing over $1000. However, these are some incredibly rare and desired morphs, consisting of Black Nights and Iranian Leopard Geckos.

You get lots of morphs to pick from a breeder that’s focused mainly on Leopard Geckos. Approved, they do also use other gecko varieties along with a couple of serpents and skinks. All of their reptiles can also be shipped globally. Within the United States, delivery is a level price of $50 per box without any restriction to the number of snakes delivered in a box. If you live within California, delivery is $5 cheaper.

International delivery
Numerous leopard geckos offered
Loads of morphs to pick from
Leopard Geckos are their key emphasis
Some morphs are exceptionally expensive

4. GeckoBoa Reptiles

GeckoBoa Reptiles is a website that offers a vast array of rare Leopard Gecko morphs. However, a number of their geckos are sold out. They tend to sell out rapidly, thanks to the reputation of the dog breeder. GeckoBoa was chosen for dog breeder of the year, so you know they’re significant about their geckos.

When they’re readily available, you can obtain morphs for under $200 from GeckoBoa Reptiles. However, their rates are more than what you would certainly pay with completing breeders on lots of morphs. That also said they do have some very vibrant geckos that are spectacular to witness. Shipping is also a flat rate of $40 in the United States to ship an endless number of lizards. Lizards are guaranteed to show up in good health, and there’s even a checklist on the website for you to follow when you obtain your lizard to ensure you make its transition as simple as feasible.

Lugs uncommon morphs that are challenging to locate
Sells many morphs under $200 when they’re readily available
Specialized in Leopard Geckos
Ship unrestricted geckos for $40.
A lot of their geckos are sold out.
High prices on many morphs.

5. Gecko Daddy.

When you see Gecko Daddy, the first thing you’ll notice is that the website is tidy and straightforward to navigate. You’ll find a good choice of Leopard Gecko morphs on the site, consisting of numerous that are valued affordably. Nonetheless, they do not have as wide a range as you’ll discover on a few other dog breeders’ websites. Likewise, it can get frustrating while you’re scrolling via the pictures of specific reptiles offered for sale; therefore, many of them say sold out. It would undoubtedly make the Experience much better if the sold-out snakes were just eliminated from the listings. A flat rate of $50 is additionally included in your acquisition for shipping, which covers an unrestricted number of pets.

Cost-effective delivery.
Lots of cost-effective geckos are available.
The Internet site is easy to browse.
Selection isn’t the very best.
Lots of sold-out geckos are still listed.

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6. The Urban Reptile.

The Urban Reptile’s site isn’t reasonably as good to browse as a few of the others we’ve seen. Still, they do also offer some high-quality Leopard Geckos in a selection of morphs. We such as just how described their listings are, with the sex, weight, and birthdate easily offered. You can acquire straight via the site, yet like many similar websites, a lot of the sold-out lizards are still listed, making it more tedious to navigate via and locate the ones that are still available.

You’ll find some extraordinarily brilliant and dynamic morphs on the Urban Reptile, including some wild ones like a Black Night Mandarin Tangerine, an Electric Tangerine, Blood Tremper Sunglow, Tangerine Tornado, as well as several others. Prices are reasonable, and some morphs are readily available at more economical rates than other breeders we’ve checked out.

Worldwide delivery offered.
Layaway plan readily available.
They have some wildly vivid morphs.
Shipping is more expensive than other breeders.
Sold-out lizards are still noted.

7. Top-quality Geckos.

Top-quality Geckos offers some decent geckos, yet their website is one of the most frustrating to use all the breeders we’ve covered in these evaluations. Many web pages result in absolutely nothing. Probably the reptiles on those web pages are just sold out, yet there’s no other way to understand up until you’re directed to an empty web page without a message. It feels like more web pages are blank than really supply geckos offer for sale!

Of the geckos we can find on the site, numerous were valued relatively economically, especially given their intense pigmentations and patterns. These reptiles feature a 30-day assurance, which ensures your financial investment does not appear DOA. However, you’ll have to have your cam out when opening up the box, so do not fail to remember that step, or your reptile won’t be changed.

Buyer’s Guide.

You can take our word for it and also take a look at the breeders we’ve suggested. But if you intend to be educated before making your decision, after that, this customer’s overview is for you. In it, we’re going to go over the elements you need to consider when searching for a Leopard Gecko dog breeder to acquire your gecko from. Comparing breeders on these factors to consider will certainly help you to identify which breeder is ideally suited to satisfy your requirements.

Considerations for a Leopard Gecko Breeder.

There are also many things for you to look at when deciding on which dog breeder to buy from. Nonetheless, it’s simple to overcomplicate things, which will stop you from deciding anyway. Instead, we believe it’s best to focus on the following five elements. If you locate a dog breeder that can fulfill your expectations in these vital locations, we’re confident that you’ll be ultimately pleased with your acquisition.


Most of these Leopard Gecko morphs also cost a pretty penny. It’s not even unique to see certain morphs marketing over $1000. You wouldn’t want to invest that much cash without obtaining all relevant info concerning your financial investment when discussing buying a gecko from a dog breeder, which typically entails a telephone call or a minimum of a chat online.

You’ll possibly have inquiries about your lizard before getting it, and it’s vital that the dog breeder you picked is readily available to respond to those questions. After your acquisition, you’ll probably have much more inquiries, and also, you don’t want the breeder to be inaccessible unexpectedly.

Ease of Ordering.

There shouldn’t be numerous obstacles in the method of you acquiring a Leopard Gecko. The process must be made as straightforward as possible. If you do not wish to call the breeder, you ought to make the whole acquisition online. Some breeders’ websites make this much more straightforward than others. You need to be able to initially locate the reptile you, such as recognize the dog breeder’s shipping treatments and then acquire the snake you like throughout the dog breeder’s website with minimal difficulty.

Shipping Practices.

The last point you want is to get all thrilled regarding your brand-new Leopard Gecko to have it arrive dead. The good news is, these breeders have been shipping geckos for a very long time. A few of them have been doing it for decades. The majority of them use overnight delivery, so your lizard does not spend much time in transit.

Typically, delivery is a flat price charge, and you can ship several animals at once without elevating the delivery price. Yet, that fee is various for every dog breeder. Costs vary from concerning $40 to $80 or even more, so ensure you understand your breeder’s delivery expenses as well as practices before your acquisition. You’ll have to be a home when the lizard shows up to accept it, and that will likely call for some unique setups.


Is the dog breeder you’ve picked brand-new to the game, or are they a skilled vet? The longer a breeder has been breeding and marketing Leopard Geckos, the much better they recognize the possible issues and things that can fail. It’s finest if you purchase your gecko from a dog breeder who’s been around for quite a while. These dog breeders have built up track records that they function to support, as well as you can learn a great deal regarding the dog breeder by researching their credibility.


Also, no matter how much you like a particular dog breeder, there’s no factor in buying from them if they don’t have any geckos that appeal to you. You must find the lizard that calls to you, which typically calls for searching through a vast selection. Breeders with a better choice provide you much more options to select from, making it most likely that you’ll locate a lizard you can’t live without.


You recognize that just how important it is to select the ideal dog breeder to acquire your Leopard Gecko from, which is why you’re reading our reviews. After mindful research, our preferred dog breeder is CB Reptiles. They have a biologist on-site to address your concerns, and all reptiles come with a seven-day wellness guarantee. BHB Reptiles is an additional excellent choice, primarily if you aim to obtain the most effective worth for your dollar. They supply a wide selection of Leopard Gecko morphs, with much of them costing very economical rates.

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