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It’s hard to reject the allure of maintaining a monkey as a family pet. In television shows and films, it constantly looks so great! Yet, the reality of keeping a primate as a family pet remains in direct contrast to the method you possibly visualize it. These creatures need excessive amounts of treatment and space, and also, several types can become aggressive or fierce after years of calm common-law marriage.

Still, lots of people maintain apes as well as various other primates as family pets. Actually, in the United States alone, it’s estimated that there are roughly 15,000 primates currently being maintained as family pets. Indeed, with greater than 330 various ape varieties to pick from, there are bound to be some that make better family pets than others. If you aren’t talked out of a family pet primate, after that, these eight types are the ones that you must be thinking about.

Do Monkeys Make Good Pets?

When it pertains to keeping pet dogs, specific pets reign supreme. Canines, felines, birds, and goldfish often tend to be the most typical animals for various reasons. These pets are simple to care for, usually manageable and have been domesticated for enough time to existing qualities that make them great companion animals.

Apes, on the other hand, present none of these characteristics. To start, they’re adamant about caring for. Monkeys need a fantastic amount of space compared to other pets, which does not even discuss the silly amount of focus required by a monkey. Also, the neediest dogs fade in comparison to the amount of interaction your monkey will undoubtedly need.

It would help if you additionally considered a primate’s actions. There have been priests kept as pet dogs for years without incident who suddenly had a change of mind and became fierce. One female also had her face and hands swindled by a chimp that had long been maintained as a pet dog by her friend.

Even feeding a monkey can be a taxing and costly endeavor. Primates need various diet regimens loaded with nutrients, so if you maintain a monkey as a family pet, anticipate investing a lot of time preparing food for it. As well as if you believe you’ll get to snuggle your monkey after a lengthy day, reconsider. These aren’t snuggly creatures, even if they resemble it. If you want a pet dog, you can cuddle up with. You’ll be much better off sticking to pet dogs as well as pet cats.

How Much Do Monkeys Cost?

One more deterrent to maintaining an ape as a pet dog is an outrageous cost connected with acquiring and keeping a primate. Some apes aren’t as expensive, such as capuchins, which can be bought for less than $10,000. Not cheap whatsoever. However, some show-quality dogs can set you back as much. Begin taking a look at more giant primates, though, and the cost climbs significantly. A primate, for example, will establish you back around $70,000, which is a rather significant investment for a pet.

Don’t forget the price of real estate as well as upkeep. Your ape will undoubtedly require a massive unit with high ceilings as well as points to climb. That’s going to cost a king’s ransom to put together. Once it’s complete, you’ll likewise need to pay for all the food your family pet needs, which will be about the same quantity of the food as you eat every day.

Furthermore, you’ll require to pay for vet treatment, which can be rather expensive for a unique family pet. As well as with an ape’s enormous focus requirements, you’ll require to take a lot of pause from the job, so don’t depend on having a full-time revenue if you intend to keep a family pet primate.

Is it Legal If I Keep a Monkey as a Pet?

On top of all the care and also cost demands of monkeys, you’ll likewise need to consider the legitimacy of possessing an animal primate where you’re situated. Lots of laws govern the bondage, transportation, and also sale of unique creatures such as apes. Several states have outright banned such exotic pet dogs, though some states do allow them. Also, these states have strict rules concerning the keeping of apes as pet dogs, so ensure you do some extensive research before deciding to buy an animal primate. Presently, at least 15 states will undoubtedly enable some types of primates to be kept like animals, though the particular regulations surrounding such activities vary in each shape.

8 Monkey Breeds Kept as Pets

Since you recognize a little of what goes into keeping an ape as an animal, let’s discuss different primate’s prospects for pethood. No primate makes a great animal. However, some are downright terrible. The following eight primates, however, are the very best of the bunch when it involves domestication. If you’re dead-set on maintaining an ape as a pet dog, you’ll wish to pick among these eight types.

young chimpanzee dancing simia troglodytes white isolated 191971 12604


Primates are primates, yet they’re not apes. They’re apes. Chimps can stand almost 5 feet high as well as weigh over 150 extra pounds. By the age of 5, the chimp is currently more potent than a grown-up guy. If you’ve never seen a cut chimp, after that, check out this video clip so you obtain an understanding of how hugely muscled these primates are.

In bondage, chimps can live for as much as 60 years, so if you get a family pet chimp, you’ll have it for the remainder of your life. Regrettably, these primates are unbelievably dangerous and also have maimed and killed people in the past. Many chimps that are kept as animals are fated to end up in a research study laboratory.

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cute young capuchin monkey eating yellow fruit looking side 181624 50941
cute young capuchin monkey eating yellow fruit looking side 181624 50941

2. Capuchin.

Capuchin monkeys are a lot smaller than chimps, making them much easier to care for and less dangerous. Standing less than 2 feet in height and evaluating under 10 pounds, these apes aren’t huge enough to dupe your face like a chimp could. Capuchins have an average life expectancy of 25 years, so you’ll still have it for a long time. However, it’s not the six-decade financial investment you’ll be putting into a chimpanzee.

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3. Squirrel Monkey.

Squirrel monkeys get on the smaller-sized side of the spectrum, usually reaching sizes of simply 10-14 inches without the tail. They generally weigh merely 1-3 pounds, yet they’re incredibly active as well as acrobatic animals that need a great deal of area. They like to hang by their tails and turn throughout tree branches, so you’ll require a large enclosure with great deals of trees to satisfy a squirrel ape. They’re recognized to be fussy eaters, though, so, although a squirrel ape doesn’t consume as high as a chimp, you’re still likely to experience nutritional troubles.

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4. Spider Monkey.

Spider apes are among the minority sorts of monkeys that the majority of people can call. Regrettably, although they’re kept as pet dogs, they’re unbelievably unpleasant! While most apes can be controlled in diapers, spider apes typically tear their baby diapers off and throw them about. Furthermore, spider apes are very social and require even more focus and communication than many other monkey breeds. Without adequate direction, spider monkeys are likely to become hostile.

5. Marmoset.

Apes are never silent family pets. However, marmosets could be the loudest of them. When a marmoset feels disregarded, it will undoubtedly shout as well as yell, making sure that you do not miss its displeasure. These primates have a much shorter life expectancy than many, peaking at around 20 years. There are numerous kinds of marmosets, and also generally, they’re simply 8 inches long, making them among the lot more manageably-sized monkeys on this list.

6. Guenon.

Guenons are medium-sized apes about 16-22 inches tall and well-considered 5-15 pounds generally. They’re stunning monkeys that present a vast array of shades: red, environment-friendly, and yellow. Surprisingly, guenons have hairs that are each two colors. There are greater than 20 different sorts of guenons, with the vervet, grivet, and environment-friendly monkey being the most popular pets.

7. Tamarin.

Tamarins are some of the most miniature monkeys that you could maintain as pets. They weigh less than an extra pound as well as live for around 15 years. You’ll only require concerning 7 square feet of living space for a tamarin, though they still call for great investments of time as well as power.

8. Macaque.

Macaques are moderately-sized primates that can evaluate up to 40 pounds at the largest, though the smallest women macaques can weigh as low as five extra pounds. They call for huge enclosures of 30 square feet or more prominent for a solitary monkey and will require diapers for their whole lives.


While the idea of keeping a pet ape could look like a unique one, it’s most likely not a terrific idea. You’ll need to have excellent sources and time to commit to your family pet ape, and also, with lifespans that usually get to 30 or 40 years, it’s an investment that you’ll be remaining to create the majority of your life.

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