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Sugar Gliders are becoming a prominent selection among exotic pet proprietors, as these small marsupials get along, interested, and cheerful little animals. They belong to Australia and some parts of Indonesia and obtain their name from the thin membrane that expands from their front limbs to their back limbs to help them move via the trees in their indigenous habitat.

If you plan to keep a Sugar Glider as a pet, it makes sense to intend ahead financially and recognize all the costs entailed. This will undoubtedly be made to offer your animal whatever they need to reside a comfortable and healthy life.

In this article, we’ll stroll you through all the prices associated with possessing a Sugar Glider, from initial purchase costs, food, bed linen, and also every little thing in between. Let’s dive in!

Conduct Home a New Sugar Glider: One-Time Costs.

Sugar Gliders have varying initial acquisition expenses that mainly depend on their age. Babies usually set you back more– anywhere between $200-$ 500– whereas adults typically go with about $100-$ 200. It’s vital to note that Sugar Gliders are incredibly social animals, so we highly recommend maintaining them in sets to ensure they are more than happy. This will additionally aid alleviate most undesirable habits, as they call for a large amount of focus and act out when tired or lonely.

It’s likewise crucial to note that owing a Sugar Glider is illegal in some states, consisting of California and Alaska. Others need a license, which can also include in the preliminary expenses. Make sure to examine the regulations and laws in your location to see if you require authorization before getting.


A Sugar Glider is not a simple pet dog to look after and is not an excellent selection for beginners because they require a ton of special treatment. Several would-be owners go out and purchase a Sugar Glider without being thoroughly familiar with the difficulty and commitment involved in possessing one of these pets. You might find proprietors ready to get rid of their pet dogs free, as they have recognized that they can much longer care for them. Check out your neighborhood rescue sanctuaries or online teams, as they may have Sugar Gliders requiring houses free of cost or for minimal cost.


$ 100-$ 500.
Adult Sugar Gliders are typically more economical than babies. This is since adults are far more challenging to educate, and also, this makes them much less desirable as pet dogs. You will typically discover that a grown-up sugar glider costs between $100-$ 150, whereas babies can go for up to $500 in many cases. We highly advise purchasing a pair, as Gliders are very social animals, so your initial acquisition price will certainly double. Some dog breeders might supply a slightly lower price if you buy a pair, though.

It is vital to discover a respectable breeder when taking on a Sugar Glider due to its legality. Please make sure that the dog breeder has the needed licenses with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which it is lawful to own one in your state. The breeder will typically have the ability to give you information on permits and legal requirements.

Make sure to see the breeder personally and also not simply buy straight on the internet. This way, you can check that the moms and dads and real estate problems are all healthy and balanced and clean, and the dog breeder can provide crucial details on the Glider’s origins and health history. Breeders can additionally give you invaluable info on caring, real estate, and feeding your Glider.


$ 250-$ 500.
Initially, you’ll need a suitable cage to house your Glider. Bear in mind that these pets love to climb up and need a high pen with a massive quantity of room. We advise a cage at least 24 inches vast and 36 inches tall for a pair of Gliders—however, the bigger, the much better. Gliders additionally love their very own exclusive area, so little nesting pouches are a fantastic enhancement. You’ll likewise need to buy climbing ropes, ladders, shut workout wheels, feeding recipes, food, and also bed linens. The prices can promptly add up.

Annual Expenses.

$ 300-$ 500 each year.
When you have purchased a cage, playthings, and devices for your Glider, the leading annual costs are food as well as bed linens. Diet regimens can vary extensively, but also for a pair of Gliders, a staple diet will generally cost around $150-$ 200 annually. They’ll also require many fresh fruits and vegetables, which will set you back roughly $20 each month or $250 per year. Bedding needs to be altered routinely, and expenses are typically around $10 a month or $120 annually.

Health Care.

$ 50-$ 100 annually.
Sugar Gliders are relatively healthy pets if adequately taken care of and do not call for any vaccinations. They are prone to a couple of conditions like weight problems and diabetes mellitus, but with correct diet and workout, these can mainly be mitigated. If you intend to maintain men and women together, it’s a good idea to obtain the male neutered, or you’ll have a cage filled with infants! The procedure is straightforward and also commonly prices around $50. Making sterile women is very complicated, and also, most vets will not do the surgical procedure.


$ 50-$ 100 per year.
Although Gliders do not require annual injections and they are healthy and balanced animals generally, it’s an excellent suggestion to opt for yearly checkups to ensure your pet is healthy and balanced as well as expanding well. A regular checkup with a veterinarian will undoubtedly set you back around $50, and also, they typically do not require any oral cleaning or examinations.

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Treatments for Parasites.

$ 15-$ 30 per year.
Tamed Gliders hardly ever struggle with bloodsucker or tick issues, as they spend the majority of their time inside your home. That being said, it might happen, and also, it’s a great idea to deworm them yearly. These treatments are typically fast, simple, and affordable, and around $15 annually ought to cover it unless there is an unexpected problem.


$ 100-$ 300 per year.
Most veterinary facilities have restricted services for exotic pet dogs, so the costs of emergency procedures can be extremely high. While these animals are healthy and balanced in general, accidents can happen, as well as older Gliders might require special care as they enter aging. It’s an excellent suggestion to put away $200 in case of a medical emergency.


$ 200-$ 250 each year.
Insurance for exotic animals can be pricey, specifically given that many Glider owners possess a set of animals. In many cases, you are considering around $10 each, minimum, so the annual prices for a pair of Gliders will cost you about $200 at least. Given that these animals are so healthy and balanced usually, it may be a much better suggestion to put away $200 or so for an emergency instead and select insurance coverage when they obtain a bit older.


$ 350-$ 700 each year.
Sugar Gliders are omnivores, and also their diet plan includes tree sap, occasional fruits, and bugs in the wild primarily. Trade pellets are a convenient option that can supply Gliders with most of their nutritional requirements yet ought to comprise no more than a 3rd of their general diet regimen. You’ll need to add these pellets with fresh fruits, vegetables, as well as pests daily.

While these animals are minor and do not eat massive amounts of food, they have a specialized diet that can set you back a great deal to preserve. You can expect to invest a minimum of $30 a month on food per Glider.

Environment Maintenance.

$ 250-$ 300 each year.
Gliders need constant bedding changing, which can accumulate quickly. For a pair, you’ll require to alter the bed linens even more often, and also this can quickly cost $10-$ 20 per month. These little pets also love toys to play with, which will undoubtedly require replacing, and also, for this, you can use a spending plan of another $5-$ ten each month.


$ 50-$ 100 annually.
Sugar Gliders love to mount, so their cage needs to be outfitted with plenty of ropes, ladders, bridges, passages, and branches to stimulate their all-natural climbing-up reactions. They need a wide variety of structures, like wood, strings, and associates, to keep them interested and happy—these demand to be exchanged around rather than usually to encourage their natural curiosity better.

Gliders are ordinarily energetic and highly interested animals, and also having a wide range of forms, shades, and appearances is necessary to their psychological health.

Result Annual Cost of Owning a Sugar Glider.

$ 500-$ 1,000 annually.
When you’ve purchased your gliders, a good roomy cage, and all the called-for devices, there are still reasonably costly monthly expenses to consider. Food can conveniently cost you $30-$ 60 each month, in addition to bed linens as well as ecological prices, and these can rapidly accumulate.

Sugar Gliders are a unique family pet with special requirements, as well as it’s crucial to research their unique demands before rushing out and acquiring one of these animals. They are expensive animals to care for, require a specialized diet, and can not be left alone, making them distinctly complex animals to possess. Last but not less, you ought to keep in mind that these pets are generally nocturnal and most active at night. They need to be held in darkness during the day, and also, their antics may maintain you up during the night!

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Owning a Sugar Glider on a Budget.

While it is possible to maintain a Glider in a smaller sized, more affordable cage and take them out routinely, this is not recommended. These animals need a good deal of area to climb, and also, as they are nighttime, it can be hard to entertain them beyond their cages. There is no other way to skimp on costs with unique animals like Sugar Gliders, and if you don’t have the money to look after them as required, it’s better to consider buying a different pet dog.

The only actual location where you could save cash is the first acquisition. You might locate a Glider that needs a home, and the proprietors are giving it away for free or at a highly inexpensive, or you might find second-hand cages and also accessories. Yet when it comes to annual maintenance, there is no way to maintain them on a spending plan, as well as the accountable selection is to offer them the best feasible food and care or prevent buying one.


Sugar Gliders are unique animals with special care and real estate requirements. While these pets are negligible and do not use up much room, they are expensive animals to own and are tough to take care of. The one-time prices can easily exceed $1,000, especially considering that it’s finest to keep a set of Gliders, and annually, you can anticipate paying between $500-$ 1,000 just for primary care requirements.

If you are looking at obtaining a pet dog Glider, ensure that you do all the needed research into the particular demands of these pets, inspect that it is legal in your location or that you can obtain the permits required, and get one from a trustworthy dog breeder. Acquiring an exotic animal like a Glider on impulse is a recipe for catastrophe, and there is no such thing as much development, planning, and research.

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