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Best Brush Pens for Beginners

In calligraphy, choosing the best brush pens requires you a lot of time and effort, especially if you are a beginner who is not familiar with its varieties and kinds! Depending on your location, there are various physical and online stores offering different brush pens, which will definitely make your head dizzy from the amount you can choose from. 

However, choosing the brush pens that will suit you is important, as you don’t want them to end up being wasted—as well as your money.

Thus, here are some of the key points that you must understand before choosing the best brush pens, especially as you are a beginner, and we have also provided top 5 brush pens that are proven and tested! 

best brush pens
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    What are the brush pens?

    Brush pens can be simply defined as a tool for writing or drawing, usually used for calligraphy writing or hand lettering. Just like a fountain pen, this kind of pens also has a cartridge for ink, though its tip resembles the tip of a paintbrush. 

    What are the things needed to consider when choosing the best brush pens?

    When choosing a brush pen, it is vital that you wouldn’t only consider its design or color, but you have to know the essence of each type and its purpose as well. 

    Indeed, you have to know that brush pens have qualities as well that you need to know. 

    Qualities of Brush Pens

    Materials of the tip

    Natural- This type of tip bristles resembles real brush better than the following kinds. 

    Synthetic-This type is easier to handle which resembles the behavior of a real brush. 

    Felt- This type is firm, and creates a more consistent line. 

    Nib Elasticity or hardness of the tip

    The tip of brush pens also varies. There are soft bristles brush pens that help create a greater degree of line variation, while harder tips are firmer. 

    The elasticity of the tip also depends on the hardness of the tip. 

    Ink Flow

    There are three kinds of ink flow; the heavy, medium, and dry. The heavier the ink flow, the greater control is needed for you to avoid ink splotches.

    Color Choice 

    Lastly, you have to consider your color choice as well, depending on the words you want to convey through the calligraphy. 

    What are the best Brush Pens for Beginners?

    As promised, here are the five calligraphy or hand lettering brush pens that are best to use for freshers. 

    1. Pentel Touch Brush Pen

    Pentel Touch pens are one of the more accessible in stores. The tip is small, and its elasticity is soft. In detail, pentel touch brush pens have wet ink flow, but depending on your strokes, it can also appear dry. 

    For beginners, this is also a good option as it doesn’t easily fray, (the tip doesn’t wear out quickly) even if you keep on practicing using it. In addition to this, it also comes in various colors! 

    2.Crayola Marker

    Crayola markers can be identified as a pen with a smaller or larger nib depending on your strokes. For a beginner, you can either use the Crayola broad line or Crayola super line, depending on your work. 

    What makes this as one of the best brush pens is due to the reasons that it is affordable; such as perfect brush pen for those who have tight pockets! Moreover, it is also available with several colors; thus you won’t have any problem choosing colors that will suit any of your calligraphies. 

    3. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen

    For calligraphy beginners, you might want to try writing an elegant font; thus, this brush pen can be your partner! Aside from its small tip, it can be soft or stiff, which is easier to control. Tombow Fudenosuke’s ink flow can be medium to dry, which is perfect if you are looking for a not-overly-wet brush pen with consistent ink flow.

    4. Lyra Brush Pen

    Lyra pen offers medium to large tip, as well as mid-firm elasticity. One of its qualities making it the best brush pen is because of its price and material. Aside from its affordable price, it has also water-based in, making it easier for you to blend it with other colors. 

    Both ends have a tip containing different kinds of bristles, (1) felt tip and (2) smaller and firm tip. Disregarding which type you are more comfortable with, Lyra Brush Pen is easier to control. 

    5. Tombow Dual Brush Pen

    Tombow Dual Brush Pen offers a whopping 108 colors! A perfect for beginners who want to explore their skills. It has a large and medium felt tip which allows you to have a thick or thin stroke. 

    Its ink is water-based, which is perfect for you to blend its color to different hues, not to mention that it also has an opposite tip which can help you with the correction! 

    Furthermore, if you think it would not be safe for kids, rest assured as it is non-toxic, perfect for your kids who are developing their talents. 


    Here are the top 5 brush pens we recommend; however, remember that the best brush pens will only depend on you—yes, you! As an individual, each one of us may have different preferences and types; thus, one of these brush pens might be the best for you, while some are not. 

    But we have offered the best kind of brush pens with tips ranging from small to large to help you choose the best and most suitable.

    Nevertheless, if you are planning to try these pens, you have to consider using the proper paper and the best calligraphy paper designs! Aside from this will give you the best result, it will also prevent your brush pens from fraying. Also make sure that you store your cells properly, based on the guidelines given by the manufacturer. 

    Don’t forget to share your best brush pens with us!

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