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You’ll discover them at every fish tank shop: lovely selections of Gourami in basically every shade you can picture. These labyrinth fish hold trustworthy fish tank standards. However, with terrific appeal come to a lot of misconceptions. Gouramis are typically included in area storage tanks, without doubt, which can cause aggressiveness, stress, and anxiety as these fish can be both a little hostile and shy.

Which fish can you incorporate with your Gourami( s) without developing trouble? We’ve assembled 13 ideal Gourami container companions that will undoubtedly cohabit in harmony with these sensational leading occupants.

Choosing Tank Mates for Gouramis: Things To Look For

There are a couple of standards that you can comply with to conveniently stay clear of any troubles if you’re interested in maintaining your Gourami( s) in an area container.

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This indicates they’ll feel worried when integrated with really energetic container friends and will not constantly be able to insist on themselves versus fin-nippers. If it’s hyper or may chase your Gourami, it’s out. There are numerous varieties, and some, like the gigantic Gourami and also kissing Gourami, are not so shy and can transform right into harasses themselves.

Water worths

Many readily reproduced Gouramis are versatile and will likely do well in a broad array of water worths. These fish initially hail from waters that are acidic and also a little soft. Comparable water worths are better in your fish tank, so make sure to pick container companions that will not mind a somewhat reduced pH. Guppies, for instance, like more challenging water, so they’re not an excellent selection.

Aquarium set up

Their all-natural environment is composed of mild streams and fish ponds with little water circulation, dark water, and lots of plant life. Fish that choose an even more hill stream-like setup or require great deals of open room to swim are out.

13 Best Gourami Tank Mates

Right here are a few of our fave container friends for Gourami.

1. Panda Corydoras (Corydoras panda)

If there’s one dish you can not miss out on in your Gourami area storage tank, it’s Cory Catfish. This makes them the best storage tank friends for shy Gouramis, who live in the leading water layer and will not mind the firm of the majority of bottom-dwellers.

This variety remains reasonably tiny, which indicates you will not require a huge storage tank if you’re interested in maintaining it. To stop your Panda Cories from starving, feed a mix of drifting foods for the Gouramis and sink pellets for the catfish.

Problem degree: Easy.
Character: Peaceful.
Minimum storage tank dimension: 15 gallons.

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2. Glowlight Tetra (Hemigrammus erythrozonus)

This calm education fish is an excellent suit for Gouramis since its shades are a little much less ‘neon,’ which stops the opportunity of the Gourami seeing it as a competitor. You can also think about lowering the light by discoloring the water, using fallen leave clutter (like Indian almond leaves), or including some drifting plants.

Your Gouramis will not mind, as the Tetras populate one more water layer. They are energetic. They are likewise extraordinarily tranquil and also will not trouble storage tank companions.

Problem degree: Easy.
Character: Peaceful.
Minimum container dimension: 20 gallons.

3. Kuhli Loach (Pangio spp.)

The different coaches from the Pangio category (generally including a dark as well as the yellow-brownish grouped pattern) make an excellent storage tank companion selection for any fish that requires relaxed as well as inconspicuous firm. These extended loaches are nighttime, which suggests they invest a great deal of their daytime hiding in any space or cranny they can locate.

Their social actions are enjoyable, so be sure to obtain a big team (8+) for optimum satisfaction. In the evening, their task degree increases, and also, they’ll zoom all over the container; think about mounting a moonlight so you can watch this action.

Like Corydoras, these bottom fish will certainly value sinking pellets to avoid starving Gouramis from eating their foods before they get to the substratum.

Trouble degree: Easy.
Character: Peaceful.
Minimum container dimension: 20 gallons.

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4. Buffoon Rasbora (Trigonostigma heteromorpha)

An additional vivid and energetic education fish, Harlequin Rasboras, are a terrific selection if you’re searching for a fish that includes some life to your fish tank without troubling your Gourami. These little Rasboras do not require a giant fish tank and have a choice for water problems that Gouramis will undoubtedly value.

You will not require a complex fish tank set up if you’re interested in maintaining Harlequin Rasboras. They’ll value it if you attempt to reproduce their all-natural environment: tiny, tranquil, and poorly lit streams containing lots of real-time plants. You can try utilizing low-light plants like Java Fern in the fish tank, which is simple to expand and does not mind the absence of brilliant light.

Trouble degree: Easy.
Personality: Peaceful.
Minimum storage tank dimension: 15 gallons (long).

5. Bristlenose Pleco (Ancistrus sp.)

Small Plecostomus catfish selections, consisting of the prominent Bristlenose Pleco, integrate well with shy fish. They aren’t exceptionally energetic and will certainly invest a great deal of time remaining on the all-time low of the storage tank or connected to the glass.

They should not expand a lot bigger than 5 inches. Bristlenoses and various other Plecos aren’t the finest choices for tiny fish tanks. We suggest at the very least a 30-gallon storage tank if you’re interested in maintaining this type, as it creates a great deal of waste. This makes it an excellent container companion for several of the more extensive Gourami types, like the wonderfully tinted Pearl Gourami as well as the spirited Blue Gourami.

Trouble degree: Easy.
Character: Peaceful.
Minimum container dimension: 30 gallons.

6. Amano Shrimp (Caridina japonica)

Amano Shrimp are excellent Gourami container friends because, unlike dwarf shrimp such as cherry shrimp, they are substantial sufficient to stay clear of being nipped at or consumed. This is likewise real for Ghost Shrimp from the Palaemonetes category, yet these are a little bit much more assertive as well as may wind up disturbing your Gouramis. Ghost Shrimp are likewise a little much less valuable than Amano Shrimp, considering they do not have big cravings for algae.

Amano Shrimp are simple to maintain, so do not stress if you do not have much experience. All these shrimp demands are accessibility to a lot of veggie-based foods such as algae, algae wafers, as well as the periodic little bit of blanched Zucchini or spinach. You will not need to fret about congestion, as they replicate in brackish water fish tanks.

Trouble degree: Easy.
Character: Peaceful.
Minimum storage tank dimension: 10 gallons.

7. Dwarf Crayfish (Cambarellus sp.)

Crayfish often tend to have a little bit of a poor online reputation in the fish tank pastime. This is unsurprising, as huge crayfish varieties aren’t excellent team players whatsoever; they’re most likely to consume their container friends than cohabit with them in harmony. Points are a lot various with the small dwarf crayfish from the Cambarellus category.

Dwarf Crayfish make excellent Gourami container companions since they populate an entirely various water layer– they’re bottom fish, so both need to leave each other alone (even if a Gourami does occur to try to trouble the relaxed Crayfish, it can stand its ground as well as should not receive any injuries).

Make sure to consist of many concealing locations in your fish tank (shrimp apartments are many faves) to maintain your Dwarf Crayfish satisfied. Ground cover is additionally valued, which is convenient because, as pointed out earlier, it’s beside a part of the all-natural Gourami environment.

Problem degree: Easy.
Character: Peaceful.
Minimum storage tank dimension: 8 gallons.

8. Secret Snail (Pomacea bridgesii)

Still, assume snails are dull (or also a little gross)? Water snails are an enjoyable and beneficial enhancement to many fish tanks– and also consist of Gourami storage tanks.

Since they are tranquil, enigma Snails are a great container friend alternative for your Gourami. They are substantial enough to hold up against feasible nips from an interested Gourami. They will certainly also do their component in maintaining your fish tank tidy by tending to remaining foods. They’re enjoyable to see, and also you can locate them in an array of shades consisting of white, yellow, blue, as well as purple.

Trouble degree: Easy.
Character: Peaceful.
Minimum storage tank dimension: 15 gallons.

9. Cherry Barb (Puntius titteya)

If you recognize a point or two concerning Barbs from the Puntius category, you could be stunned to see one on a listing of Gourami storage tank companions. Numerous Barb varieties aren’t precisely the ideal storage tank companion choice for tranquil and shy fish, as they are exceptionally energetic and can obtain reasonably nippy.

Cherry Carbs have comparable choices to Gouramis when it pertains to water worths, although they are rather versatile and can be used to an extensive range. These are education fish, so if you wish to appreciate their all-natural actions, make sure to obtain a team of at the very least 8.

Problem degree: Easy.
Character: Peaceful.
Minimum storage tank dimension: 20 gallons.

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10. Otocinclus Catfish (Otocinclus sp.)

Most definitely not a fish to trouble its storage tank companions, implying they incorporate completely with shy Dwarf Gouramis. You’ll have to remain on top of your water worths as well as make particular your container is immaculate at all times.

Otocinclus are excellent algae eaters, yet regrettably, our residence fish tanks are commonly also ‘tidy’ to suffer a team (attempt to access the very least 5). To see to it, they remain well-fed, offer a lot of algae wafers as well as blanched veggies like Zucchini. You can also expand your very own environment-friendly algae by placing a container with some smooth river rocks and water in a bright place and putting these in your fish tank as an added food resource.
Trouble degree: Hard.
Character: Peaceful.
Minimum storage tank dimension: 10 gallons.

11. Pygmy Corydoras (Corydoras pygmaeus, hastatus, habrosus)

Extra Corydoras? Yes, hear us out right here. Corydoras pygmaeus, status, and Ambrosius, jointly referred to as Pygmy Cories, vary from the Panda Cory reviewed previously.

If you’re looking for a fish to cheer up your fish tank, Pygmy Corydoras is an excellent selection. Their energetic actions include some motion as well as they are delightful to view. Your Gouramis will not mind their visibility, as they are primarily bottom fish (except for Corydoras pygmaeus, which additionally tends to see the center water layer).

Bear in mind, however, that it’s incredibly crucial to maintain these little fish in big teams. They tend to be timid and primarily stick to their hiding locations if they obtain much less than ten samplings. In addition, it offers a lot of cover in the form of rock developments, driftwood, and caverns.

Trouble degree: Easy.
Character: Peaceful.
Minimum container dimension: 15 gallons.

12. Cinder Tetra (Hyphessobrycon Amanda)

As its name recommends, the little Ember Tetra is the ideal enhancement to your fish tank if you want to include a pop of shade. Your Gouramis will not mind the business of this education fish, as it’s completely tranquil as well as not also energetic. The favored water worths are comparable: soft, somewhat dark water with lots of plants is best for both Gouramis as well as ash tetras.

Maintain your Ember Tetras in colleges of at the very least eight fish, ideally 12+. Bigger teams will display much more intriguing, all-natural (reproduction) actions and could generate with no initiative on your component. You may locate some of the fry making it to their adult years without being consumed by your Gourami if lots of cover in the kind of drifting plants is readily available.

Trouble degree: Easy.
Personality: Peaceful.
Minimum storage tank dimension: 15 gallons.

13. Various other Gourami

Various other Gouramis are most likely the last point you believe of if you’re looking for container companions for your Gourami. You may be stunned to hear that some varieties can be kept in small teams instead of alone or sets: hareems with one man and numerous ladies can function well. Ensure to access the very least a couple of women and offer a lot of space in case territorial tiffs burst out.

Gourami Stocking Guide

Are you seeking to establish a Gourami storage tank? Right here are a couple of outstanding equipping instances.

10 gallon container

Leading water layer: Sparkling Gourami (1M, 1F).
Invertebrate: Dwarf Crayfish (x3).

15 gallon storage tank

Leading water layer: Dwarf Gourami (x1).
Base water layer: Corydoras habrosus (x10).
Invertebrate: Amano Shrimp (x3).

20 gallon container

Leading water layer: Dwarf Gourami (1M, 1F).
Center water layer: Harlequin Rasbora (x10).
All water layers: Otocinclus Catfish (x6).

30 gallon container

Leading water layer: Dwarf Gourami (1M, 2F).
Center water layer: Glowlight Tetra (x12).
Base water layer: Panda Corydoras (x8).
Invertebrate: Mystery Snail (x2).

40 gallon container

Leading water layer: Pearl Gourami (1M, 1F).
Center water layer: Ember Tetra (x15).
Base water layer: Kuhli Loach (x10).
Invertebrate: Amano Shrimp (x5).

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