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After bringing a betta fish home, you made the decision to get some companions for it. Multiple Bettas cannot be kept in the same storage tank.

Betta fish, often known as Siamese fighting fish, defend their territory more and more. Without a doubt, they will protect their container. Male Bettas are inclined to exterminate other male Bettas, but there is no safe mix of many Bettas.

Having said that, there are a few fish species that bettas will surely enjoy having as container buddies. Selecting Betta aquarium buddies should be done very carefully.

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About Betta Fish

In the wild, Bettas coexist peacefully with one another. They rarely show animosity unless the time for reproduction is approaching. On the other hand, their personality differs in home fish tanks.

Betta fish have become skilled fighters as a result of selective breeding and high anxiety environments. As a result, buddies for your Betta Fish aquarium may be difficult to find.

It is crucial to realize that Betta Fish typically do not require mates in their containers. They are excellent at surviving on their own. Having said that, many people prefer to enjoy a fish tank full of fish over a single Betta.

If you plan to take this course, keep reading to discover our selection of the top 10 Betta storage tank companions!

Betta Fish Tank Mates

Right here is a detailed listing of the most effective Betta Fish storage tank companions.

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Corydoras Catfish

Cory Cats, also known as Corydoras Catfish, are the best container companions for any kind. In our list of the best angelfish tank mates, they rank # 1 as the general area fish.

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Obtain four or more of these fish because they prefer to live in groups. Finding a Cory Cat to enhance the shadows of your Betta fish should be simple because they come in a huge variety of patterns and colors.

  • Compatibility Rank: 10/10.
  • Treatment Level: Easy.
  • Dimension: 2.5 Inches.
  • Pleasant Requirements: 72-78 ° F.

Kuhli Loaches

The interesting Kuhli Loach is a fish that most people mistake for an eel. Despite having a distinctive appearance, Kuhli loaches are ideal tank mates for almost any species. They remain rather little, are strong, and are scheduled.

Sand or finely broken rock are preferred substrates by Kuhli loaches. The bottom of these Fish will surely be harmed by rocks with tapering sides, which may result in long-term damage. Furthermore, Kuhli loaches prefer to live in groups of three or even more.

A great substrate choice for individuals looking to keep Kuhli Loaches in their fish tank is CaribSea Natural Moonlight Sand.

  • Compatibility Rank: 10/10.
  • Treatment Level: Easy.
  • Dimension: 4.5 Inches.
  • Pleasant Requirements: 75-85 ° F.

Bristlenose Plecos

Bristlenose Plecos are excellent aquarium companions for Betta fish. Bristlenose Plecos, like the other types on the list, are very simple to care for and require only minimal further treatment. Plecos are protected by extremely tough plates, so even if you Betta becomes a little fussy, the Pleco won’t be alarmed.

The fact that Bristlenose Plecos help keep your container clean is a great thing about them. They primarily eat algae and unfinished food, which keeps your container looking beautiful. Alternatively, if you don’t think your Pleco is getting enough food, they also appreciate algal wafers.

Hikari USA makes excellent, healthy wafers for those that are preparing to maintain any sort of Pleco.

  • Compatibility Rank: 10/10.
  • Treatment Level: Easy.
  • Dimension: 6 Inches.
  • Pleasant Requirements: 70-79 ° F.
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Neon Tetras

One of the most popular freshwater fish for beginners is the neon tetra. They are quick, hardworking, and easy to maintain. Additionally, Neon Tetras are fantastic tank companions for any Fish that grow to be on the smaller size.

Neon Tetras are teaching fish, just like many other species on the list. They prefer to be kept in groups of six fish or more. If you have a large storage tank, I would recommend them because they are fascinating to observe in huge institutions of 10 or even more.

Due to their size, little Neon Tetras are wonderful Betta tank companions. Neon Tetras will surely be able to outswim Bettas every time, even if your Betta is a touch aggressive.

  • Compatibility Rank: 9/10.
  • Treatment Level: Easy.
  • Dimension: 1.5 Inches.
  • Pleasant Requirements: 69-79 ° F.

Harlequin Rasboras

When compared to other types on the list, Buffoon Rasboras and Betta Fish can be seen living side by side in the wild. They make wonderful container mates for any community fish tank because they are calm and well-mannered. Furthermore, Harlequin Rasboras significantly increase the amount of shadow in any container.

Being educated Fish, buffoon rasboras must be kept in groups of six or even more. As a result, you will surely need a container that is at least 20 gallons big to give your Rasboras and Betta Fish enough space. Apart from the required extra space, Harlequin Rasboras require very little maintenance.

  • Compatibility Rank: 9/10.
  • Treatment Level: Easy.
  • Dimension: 2 Inches.
  • Pleasant Requirements: 72-80 ° F.

Ember Tetras

Tiny, colorful fish like Cinder Tetras give any fish tank life. They are educational fish, just like other Tetras, so if you plan to keep any, have at least five.

Coal Tetras are excellent Betta tank companions since they get along well and are low maintenance. These fish, in my opinion, are some of the best ones to argue with your Betta.

  • Compatibility Rank: 9/10.
  • Treatment Level: Easy.
  • Dimension: 1 Inch.
  • Pleasant Requirements: 75-82 ° F.

Clown Plecos

Clown Plecos, like other members of the Pleco family, make excellent tank companions for Bettas and other similar fish. They primarily eat algae and also leftover food, which aids in keeping your tank clean. You can give these fish algal wafers, as we advised with Bristlenose Plecos, for added nutrition.

Clown Plecos’ diminutive size is one factor that makes them great Betta fish container buddies. Bettas are often kept in 10-gallon storage tanks.

  • Compatibility Rank: 8/10.
  • Treatment Level: Moderate.
  • Dimension: 4 Inches.
  • Warm Requirements: 73-82 ° F.

African Dwarf Frogs

If you are looking for something, a little various, African Dwarf Frogs are fantastic container companions for Bettas. They are manageable, simple to look after, and also will trigger up a discussion!

Unlike Betta Fish, these pets will certainly not consume flake food or pellets. Various other than that, ADFs make wonderful Betta storage tank companions.

  • Compatibility Rank: 7/10.
  • Treatment Level: Moderate.
  • Dimension: 3 Inches.
  • Pleasant Requirements: 72-82 ° F.

Ghost Shrimp

Glass shrimp, often known as host shrimp, are excellent Betta aquarium partners. They promote a wholesome and balanced storage tank and are inexpensive and easy to maintain. Ghost Shrimp search the bottom of the storage tank for any remaining food remnants.

Make sure your ghost shrimp are not being kept with any large, antagonistic fish, such as angelfish or cichlids. Most of the time, ghost shrimp may be purchased for next to nothing at local fish markets.

  • Compatibility Rank: 7/10.
  • Treatment Level: Easy.
  • Dimension: 2 Inches.
  • Pleasant Requirements: 68-85 ° F.

Zebra Snails

If you want to keep something a little different with your Betta fish, zebra snails might be the finest option. They are wonderful to view and add a different color to your storage tank.

Zebra snails mostly consume algae and also uneaten food, keeping your aquarium clean. As a result, many aquarists choose to transport them in local containers.

  • Compatibility Rank: 8/10.
  • Treatment Level: Easy.
  • Dimension: 1 Inch.
  • Pleasant Requirements: 70-80 ° F.

Fish You Should Avoid Keeping With Bettas

Do not keep two Betta fish together under any circumstances, especially not two guys. Even while it is frequently possible to escape from two ladies, Bettas, I would still not advise it.

Additionally, you should avoid any Gourami species. Bettas are something that gouramis are cautious of, and they definitely cope with it.

Try to avoid any fish species that like to nibble on fins. This is a characteristic of barbs. Tetras are occasionally known to nip, but should not bother your Betta if kept in groups of five or six.

Final Thoughts

One of the most popular freshwater fish, especially with beginners, is the betta fish.

It is a common misconception that Bettas must live alone, however this is just untrue. Having said that, you must choose your Betta storage tank partners VERY CAREFULLY.

Following our list of the Top 11 Betta Fish Tank Companions, you should be able to successfully keep a variety of Fish alongside your Betta.

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