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Besides being cute, bunnies reproduce fast thanks to their brief 28-days pregnancy period. Remarkably, a female bunny can create between four to seven babies at ago.

Despite rabbits’ capacity to multiply rapidly, nature dooms the population of rabbits with killers’ help.

Because a rabbit’s central defense is to run and hide as promptly as feasible, it makes them at risk to huge, a lot more durable, as well as quicker predators. What are instances of these predators? Keep reading to learn.

What Type of Animals Eat Rabbits?

1. Foxes.

Foxes would love to consume absolutely nothing more significant than a tasty rabbit for food. Although foxes do not need rabbits for their survival, rabbits are amongst their primary food resources and can make a substantial and crucial part of their meal if offered.

2. Wolves.

Wolves are among a bunny’s best threats, generally since they consume them for enjoyment. Wolves are carnivorous and primarily like large and also small ungulates. However, they consume rabbits to supplement their essential food resources and only consume rabbits as their staple food throughout food shortages.

3. Dingoes.

Dingoes are extra like wild dogs that mainly prosper in grasslands, the timbers, and rocky terrains-places where rabbits likewise stay. They consume bunnies as their primary food resource, primarily since they can find them in wealth.

4. Wolverine.

Wolverines are omnivorous mammals that look like tiny bears. They generally consume virtually anything, consisting of rabbits.

These mammals are known to explore burrows of hibernating pets and eat them during wintertime when there’s food scarcity. Therefore, bunnies can be a wolverine’s leading source of food if they have fewer food options.

5. Coyotes.

Coyotes are also not so picky with food because they are both scavengers and also seekers. They can additionally eat vegetables since they are omnivorous. However, a coyote’s favored dish would be a yummy little creature like a bunny, rat, mote, or a vole.

closeup shot raccoon sitting tree

6. Raccoons.

Raccoons are also omnivorous and can eat veggies and pets such as rabbits if they can capture them. However, bunnies do not take advantage of a raccoon’s diet plan because raccoons are sluggish and favor slow-moving creatures.

7. Bears.

A bear’s diet also ranges from honey to ants, bunnies, deer– or even people! Bears feed relying on the season and availability and can consume veggies if the meat is not available. Nevertheless, they prefer flesh much more as well as can finish bunnies when available.

selective focus shot magnificent falcon standing powerfully its prey
selective focus shot magnificent falcon standing powerfully its prey

8. Birds of Prey.

Although predators might not be an issue in city areas, they can assault and eat rabbits, especially on free-range.

Birds are such as eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, and crows are constantly attentive to snag away and eat little mammals like rabbits, squirrels, and mice.

9. Serpents.

Snakes can consume pretty much anything that moves, depending upon their dimensions. Medium-sized snakes, similar cobra, mamba, and viper, can drink smaller-sized rabbits. In contrast, giant snakes like anacondas, pythons, and boas can rapidly swallow up more enormous bunnies as a whole.

10. Pets.

Domesticated pets can attack and consume a bunny at any moment, depending on their nature and training. And also, some domestic pet dog types are explicitly developed to chase after and eliminate pets like rabbits. They consist of Jack Russel Terriers, Beagles, Basset Hounds, Redbone Coonhounds, Fox Terriers, and Weimaraner.

11. Big Cats.

Large cats such as leopards, bobcats, and cougars are primarily carnivorous and pose a danger to any target, including bunnies. These animals do not usually require bunnies for survival and might eliminate and consume rabbits after having substantial game meat.

12. Felines.

Picture Credit: Eddy Van 3000 from in Flanders areas– Belgiquistan– United Tribes of Europe, Wikimedia Commons.
Domesticated felines also have aggressive reactions and can kill as well as eat a bunny. While rabbits can protect themselves to some extend (by running or kicking), they can not make it through catfights from giant kitties.

Young and tiny bunny breeds are most in danger due to their tempting “mouse-like” appearance.

13. Lizards.

A lizard’s diet generally relies on its size, and also, giant lizards like Iguanas and Komodo dragons consume pets of numerous sizes, from toads, rabbits to deer.

Some medium-sized reptiles, such as the Monitor lizard, also consume animals like rabbits as their primary food source.

14. Ferrets.

Ferrets are tiny mammals that are pure carnivores. They are additionally nocturnal, with a good evening view, putting them in the bunny’s way. This implies that ferrets typically have rabbits as their crucial resource of food.

Nonetheless, ferrets additionally eat other tiny mammals like rats, possums, and also hedgehogs. These predators have a high metabolic rate and small intestines that consume every part of an animal, including bones.

15. Weasels.

Regardless of weasels’ tiny sizes, these animals are strong and prosper in pack hunts, making it very easy to consume similar dimension rabbits. They also have a high metabolic rate, a huge hunger, and eat their prey by crushing them from the neck area.

16. Badgers.

Most of a badger’s dish contains tiny pests and also worms. Nonetheless, they can likewise quest and consume small creatures like rabbits and rats like rats.

17. Stoats.

Stoats also exploit rabbits by tricking them. They search in packs and utilize the diversion method such that a person stoat sidetracks the bunny while the rest of the pack pounds on the target.

18. Human beings.

Naturally, a human postures the most significant risk to bunnies. Human beings search bunnies in the wilderness for meat and also have been doing so for ages.

Because of the demand for bunny meat, rabbit farms worldwide are elevating bunnies to accomplish the requirement. People not only quest rabbits for their meat however additionally their layers.

What Animals Would Kill A Rabbit yet Not Eat It?

1. Possums.

Possums may strike and also eliminate a rabbit but not eat it since they are primarily scavengers. Possums consume dead animal’s carcasses after other killers have already destroyed and consumed a lot of components.

These animals might assault and also damage a bunny if they feel endangered.

2. Raccoons.

Raccoons are omnivorous animals that eat vegetables as well as additionally scavenge animal species. As scavengers, a raccoon can attack and kill a rabbit to harm it yet not eat as raccoons only eat what’s currently dead.

3. Housecats.

Besides being victims, housecats are also aggressive types that might search and kill rabbits without consuming them as typical predatory actions. Nevertheless, housecats shouldn’t eradicate rabbits as these pets harbor diseases that they could spread to them.

How to Protect Your Rabbits from Predators.

● Keep Your Rabbits Indoors.
The most effective way to make your bunnies out of a killer’s reach is by maintaining them inside your home. The advantage is that tamed rabbits can do just fine living in your home, as long as they have access to food, playthings, and adequate room to run, leap and play.

Housing your rabbits shouldn’t interfere since you can potty-train and also rabbit-proof a room to avoid them from running away.

● Predator-proof the Rabbit Hutch.
Given that you’ll not always be about to secure your rabbits every single time, buying a rugged bunny cage or hutch isn’t enough. And also, if you intend on keeping your bunnies outdoors, the pens from the shops may not be durable adequate, or suitable for the outside.

It’ll be best to construct the sanctuary on your own and predator-proof it by enhancing the cables to stop more powerful predators from conveniently ruining the cage.

Also, enhance the locks and also make them more challenging. Some killers can be wise sufficient to discover that they can unlock to gain access.

You can also put the shelter on an impenetrable or concrete floor to stop the killers from excavating as well as sneaking underneath. Better still, enhance the surface with wood to make the buffet impervious.

● Make Your Yard Predator-Unfriendly.
Placing all the other measures in position might not be enough if the killers can still hover around your backyard. Regrettably, a rabbit can pass away from shock by seeing the predator, even if it’s already secure in a buffet.

Therefore, make your yard inhabitable for predators by maintaining it clean, staying clear of scrap foods, and getting rid of standing water to reject killer’s access to food as well as water.

Better still, bar nocturnal creatures like ferrets and foxes by mounting motion-sensing lights around the yard.

● Supervise.
Supervise your bunnies during their play or if you plan to free-range them. Killers like predators and foxes are typically scared of individuals and might not approach your bunnies if you are around. It would also be best to examine your rabbits now and then in an outside room.


If you consider maintaining bunnies, you’ll require to take some measures to shield your bunny from predators. You can prevent free-ranging and also provide secure shelters such as hutches for your rabbits.

Guarantee that the bunny’s sanctuary is out of a predator’s reach since, sadly, rabbits can ice up and also die from shock just by entering contact with a killer!

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