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Honey Gourami, with their vibrant colors and peaceful demeanor, make a fantastic addition to any aquarium. If you’re considering bringing these gems into your aquatic world, you’re in for a treat. In this guide, we’ll dive deep into the world of Honey Gourami for sale, providing you with everything you need to know to find, care for, and enjoy these lovely fish.

Honey Gourami for Sale: A Guide to Finding and Caring for These Gems

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Where to Find Honey Gourami

When you’re on the lookout for Honey Gourami for sale, it’s essential to know where to start. These enchanting fish can be found at:

  • Local Fish Stores (LFS)
  • Online Retailers
  • Aquarium Clubs and Associations
  • Breeder Networks
  • Pet Shows and Expos

Each source offers its unique advantages and considerations, so let’s explore them further.

Local Fish Stores (LFS)

Local fish stores are a convenient option for finding Honey Gourami. Visit your nearest LFS and inquire about their stock. Make sure to ask about the fish’s health, history, and any specific care requirements.

Online Retailers

Online retailers provide a vast selection of Honey Gourami from various sources. Ensure you choose a reputable seller with good customer reviews. Shipping can be stressful for fish, so verify that the retailer has proper packaging and delivery procedures in place.

Aquarium Clubs and Associations

Aquarium clubs and associations are excellent places to connect with fellow hobbyists who may have Honey Gourami for sale. Attend meetings or join online forums to network and find potential sellers.

Breeder Networks

Buying from breeders often guarantees healthier and better-conditioned fish. Research local breeders or seek recommendations from aquarium enthusiasts in your area.

Pet Shows and Expos

Pet shows and expos can be a fun way to purchase Honey Gourami. You get to see the fish in person, interact with sellers, and possibly find unique variations of Honey Gourami.

Choosing Healthy Honey Gourami

Once you’ve located a source, it’s crucial to select healthy Honey Gourami to ensure their long-term well-being. Here’s what to look for:

  • Vibrant Colors: A healthy Honey Gourami should display vivid colors, especially in males.
  • Active Behavior: Observe the fish swimming and interacting with others. Lethargic or hiding fish may be stressed or ill.
  • Clear Eyes: Ensure the fish’s eyes are clear and free from cloudiness or swelling.
  • Intact Fins: Examine the fins for any signs of damage or fin rot.
  • No Visible Parasites: Check for signs of external parasites such as white spots or unusual growths.

Setting Up Their Ideal Habitat

To provide the best care for your Honey Gourami, it’s essential to create an ideal habitat. Here’s how:

  • Tank Size: A 20-gallon tank is suitable for a small group of Honey Gourami.
  • Water Parameters: Maintain a pH level of 6.0 to 7.5 and a temperature range of 75 to 82°F.
  • Filtration: Use a quality filtration system to keep the water clean and oxygenated.
  • Decorations: Add live plants, driftwood, and caves to mimic their natural environment.
  • Compatibility: Honey Gourami are peaceful fish but can be shy. Choose tank mates that are non-aggressive and of similar size.
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Feeding Your Honey Gourami

Proper nutrition is crucial for the health of your Honey Gourami. Feed them a balanced diet, including:

  • High-quality flake or pellet food
  • Frozen or live food like brine shrimp or daphnia
  • Occasional treats like bloodworms or mosquito larvae

Common Health Concerns

Even with the best care, Honey Gourami can face health issues. Be vigilant and watch for signs of diseases such as:

  • Ich (White Spot Disease)
  • Fin Rot
  • Bacterial Infections

Immediate isolation and treatment are necessary if you notice any symptoms.


Q: How big do Honey Gourami grow?

A: Honey Gourami typically reach a size of 2 to 2.5 inches.

Q: Can I keep Honey Gourami in a community tank?

A: Yes, they are peaceful fish and can coexist with other non-aggressive species.

Q: What’s the lifespan of Honey Gourami?

A: With proper care, they can live up to 4-5 years.

Q: Do Honey Gourami need a heater in their tank?

A: Yes, they thrive in a heated aquarium with a stable temperature.

Q: How often should I feed my Honey Gourami?

A: Feed them small amounts 2-3 times a day, adjusting the quantity to prevent overfeeding.

Q: Can I breed Honey Gourami at home?

A: Yes, they are relatively easy to breed in a home aquarium.


Bringing Honey Gourami into your aquarium can be a rewarding experience. With proper care and attention to their needs, you’ll have these aquatic gems thriving in your tank for years to come. Enjoy the beauty and serenity they bring to your aquatic world.

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